Secretary Message

World is celebrating one hundred and fiftieth year of birth of Mahatma Gandhi. His philosophy of truth, non-violence, simplicity, respect for all religions, dignity of all manual work, humility are all more relevant today, in the world, which destroys every day natural gifts mankind has in the form of abundant water air and space; world which kills fellow human beings in name of God. People have abandoned his philosophy, who divide people on caste and religion to secure power. Nathuram Godses are numerous and everywhere who kill him every day by abandoning his simplicity, truth and non-violence.

At Medical Care Center Trust in very small way we follow teachings of Gandhiji by being simple, transparent, honest, truthful without any discrimination based on religion or gender.

All people who work at M.C.C.T. are sensitized about six principles they are supposed to follow and uphold in all activities at this institute.

Following are Six Principles :

  • Sick and poor child is at the focus of all our activities. This is the aim of the Trust.
  • Patient first. All decisions are taken keeping the interest of the patient in mind.
  • Excellence. All that we do has to be excellent as far as possible.
  • Integrity. In spite of adverse circumstances we will do what is ethically, morally and legally correct.
  • Learn more. We encourage doctors, technicians, nurses and all staff members to keep learning.
  • Help one another and cooperate in all activities as they are for the benefit of the patients whom we serve.

The principle of patient first should not remain on paper or file or just a slogan. It must be palpably felt by patients, parents and relatives whom we serve. It is seen in the way staff nurses take care of patients by timely monitoring their vitals, administering medicines, including injections and I.V. instructed fluids as by doctors. It is also seen how parents of sick child are explained about the illness and proposed line of treatment and how physicians and super specialists collaborate to arrive at the diagnosis and treatment in difficult and critical situations. It is also seen in a way staff including all doctors walk extramile to help patient recover as early as possible. In all decision making process, interest and need of patient are thought and considered first.

Patient first is guiding principle because health care personnel – doctors – nurses, technicians and hospitals with all infrastructure and technology exist to serve and care for the patient. Doctors are committed to do their best and co-operate with colleagues in the best interest of patients. Money is a fringe benefit of good work.

A survey was conducted amongst doctors and they were asked; what is their priority; Patient, Family or Economic independence?.

Majority said : Patient

It has been possible to serve poor and needy children without consideration of their economic condition because of help from State and Central Government, Non-Government Organizations, generosity of public and private limited companies and Individual donors.

Dr. Jagdish Patel

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