List Of CMEs / Workshops

1. CME on PALS

Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS) Training with IAP was conducted at our hospital on 30th& 31st March, 2019.

  • 36 post graduates were trained by expert faculties

2. WHO Day Celebration

WHO Day Celebration with Indian Medical Association & Indian Association of Pediatrics. Awareness about voting on 7th April, 2019. Hon’ble District Collector Ms. Shalini Agarwal emphasized the importance of voting and preparation for elections in Vadodara.

3. Pediatric Crash Course

Practical Pediatrics Course for Post Graduate Students

The curriculum for post graduate training in Pediatrics like other specialties is now following a systematic and a structured pattern with an essential aim of training the pediatric residents and equipping them with the knowledge and skills to prepare well for their day to day clinical pediatric work and for their final theory and practical examinations for post graduate degrees (MD/ DNB and diploma(DCH).With the vast expansion of available literature and other resources , the students are often at a loss to prioritize their requirements and along with a relative lack of formal exam oriented training ,their efforts do not always match the expectations of an examiner. The practical pediatric training course for the pediatric post graduate students of Medical Institutes from all over Gujarat is a welcome step in this direction.


Brain child of a pioneer pediatrician and one of the most admired personalities in the field of Pediatrics Dr Y K Amdekar (Former Professor of Pediatrics, Mumbai, Past President of IAP 1995 and now Director of Pediatrics B J Wadia Hospital Mumbai) ,this course is being successfully conducted once every year in January  since last five years at KG Patel Children Hospital with a wide participation (45-50 students) from all over Gujarat. Spread over the duration of two days,the course is very well structured and consists of clinical case presentations by the PG students, mock tests, OSCE, counseling demonstrations and presentations of pediatric imaging (CT/MRI and USG)  by the local faculty. Dr. Amdekar is the chief coordinator of this 2 day program and he moderates the sessions along with inputs from the selected consultants from Baroda city. There are no didactic lectures –instead a healthy non critical interactive discussions are a usual pattern and best efforts are made to make students feel at ease during their presentations. Even though similar courses and sessions are now being conducted at few other places in country, we at Baroda are proud to be the first and only center in Gujarat to hold this invaluable course regularly. The master of masters that he is, Dr. Amdekar brings forth the nuances of pediatrics in a very simple yet most effective manner and conveys to the generations ,both young and old that common things matter first, we must ask within our self whether we are treating rightly, ethically and rationally and the learning must be a life long endeavor.

The course has an immense contribution for planning, execution, sustenance and implementation due to the untiring efforts of Dr. J N Patel, Dr. A T Phatak, Dr. H K Desai, Dr. Jayant Doshi, Dr. Anand Naregal, Dr. B M Chauhan and the support staff of KGPCH and MCCT. It is a wonderful feeling for us to be a part of such a unique program and to be associated in a small way with an illustrious personality of Dr. Y K Amdekar in his selfless objective of strengthening the foundations of tomorrow’s young budding pediatricians.

4. Sensory Integration Workshop

One and a half day workshop on Sensory Integration to orient to the concept of Sensory Integration Dysfuction and S.I. Therapy for the benefit of Physiotherapist, Occupational Therapists, Pediatricians, Special educators, Speech Therapists, Psychologists, Teachers and Counselors.

  • cs Were :
  • Neurophysiological constructs and Sensory Channels.
  • Concept of sensory assimilation and integration.
  • Sensory Integration Dysfunction.
  • Application of the concepts of SI including atypical response and modulation deficits in various conditions including Learning and behavior, ASD, ADHD, Developmental Delays etc.
  • Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) and Developmental Dyspraxias.
  • SPD and visual perception and auditory – language disorders.
  • Assessment of Sensory Integration Dysfunction.
  • Sensory Integration Therapy (Concept and Central Principles).
  • Demonstration of various Sensory Integration Techniques.
  • Coping with Sensory Dysfunction (What Care-Givers could do).
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