A new dedicated Ophthalmic Operating Room has been designed to provide state of the art surgical care.

Elmex Eye Bank & Shri Bhaichand M Mehta Corneal Transplant Centre has added the facility to perform Lamellar Corneal Surgeries. It is also known as Component Corneal Transplant procedure. We have now new Dedicated Ophthalmic Operating Room to facilitate such surgical procedures.

Majority of the tissues are utilized in house, while a few are sent to other centers when requested. We also have been providing tissue to Government Hospitals (Ophthalmology Dept of S. S. G. Hospital for teaching purpose as well as for socio-economically deprived patients on their request.

Eye Donation Fortnight was celebrated and various activities to promote eye donation awareness were carried out. A seminar was conducted every year.

Elmex Eye Bank
Eye Donation Fortnight was celebrated.
Workshop on Decoding Corneal Diseases.
Workshop on Decoding Corneal Diseases.