Kashiben Gordhandas Patel Children Hospital

Shri Jalaram Blood Bank – Regional Blood Transfusion Centre :

Shri Jalaram Blood Bank has served Vadodara district since 1986 when it was inauguration at august hands of the then Vice President of India, Hon. Shri R. Venkatraman.

Shri Jalaram Blood Bank has supplied more than 5 lakh units of blood from its inception in 1986 till now.

Shri Jalaram Blood Bank is the Regional Blood Transfusion Center approved by Govt. of Gujarat. It serves Vadodara district and adjoining areas through peripheral storage centres. 

We were pioneer in providing blood components in Vadodara district which is more scientific. The different components separated from the whole blood are to be stored at specific temperatures.


Laboratory :

We offers a range of tests in Haematology, Biochemistry, Clinical Pathology, Serology and Microbiology. ELISA amongst many others. We also offer various test profiles, which is two or three more tests put together that give conclusive diagnosis.

Imaging Services :

X-ray equipment has to be accurate in performance with high degree of precision and quality and should be approved by the Atomic Energy Regulatory Board (AERB) and Bureau of Indian Standards for electrical, mechanical, and radiation safety. Now-a-days, high frequency digital X-ray systems are preferred. Digital X-ray system is a new technology that has very low radiation risks and offers various advantages such as immediate generation of images and high quality imaging compared with the conventional X-ray that relies on films. It is done in a compact manner with digital storage of X-rays, without risk of loss or deterioration of quality.

Mental Health Clinic & Varun Mahajan Apang Shishu Kendra :

Varun Mahajan Apang Shishu Kendra is approved as the Mental Health Clinic by Govt. of Gujarat.

At Varun Mahajan Apang Shishu Kendra under one roof we provide services of
With modern infrastructures and facilities.

Each child coming to the Varun Mahajan Apang Shishu Kendra is enrolled at the registration desk.

Kashiben Gordhandas Patel Children Hospital