M.C.C.Trust has recognized that education is a key to success of all societies, and supports many education activities in health care field. Some of those are : training medical graduates for post graduate diploma of National Board of Examinations in Paediatric medicine, training special educators for mentally challenged children  and Hospital Assistant and Technician certificate course.

Trust manages 100 bed hospital that is ably supported by medical consultants and over 200 staff members who are dedicated to the mission crystallised 35 years ago. Trust has financial support of State and Central governments and corporations in making its ends meet. Kind Philanthropists are also very generous in making donations still with fast developing medical technologies and increasing costs, there is a continuous need for funds.

We fervently appeal you to support by helping meet a patient’s care, acquiring equipment by donating funds to “Medical Care Centre Trust”. All donations to M.C. C. Trust receive income-tax benefit under section 80G.

Our present needs are as under
Name of the Equipment we need Requirement Cost per Unit(Approx)
ECG Machine One Rs. 85000
CT Scan One Rs. 4000000
Portable Colour Doppler One Rs. 2000000
Ventilator One Rs. 1000000
Blood Bank Tube Sealer One Rs. 168000
Intellivue MS Multichannel modular One Rs. 310000
Philips Intellive MPS Patient Monitor One Rs. 285000
VM6 with all standard accessories One Rs. 130000
High Definition Video Endoscopic Camera One Rs. 1200000