Medical Care Centre (MCC) Trust was formed over thirty years ago with a mission to create excellent primary and tertiary health care centre for children and women. Primary focus was, and remains today, economically challenged population of Baroda and adjoining areas. Over three decades, activities and scope of support has grown to include educational activities and working within society to help rural and family welfare activities.

Vision of building a hospital for children and women was supported by the government by making available a piece of land along the banks of Vishwamitiri River. School children of Baroda motivated the population to donate generously and raised an impressive sum of Rupees Seven lacs. Kind philanthropists pitched in with significant donations making it possible for KashibenGordhanbhai Patel (KGP) Children Hospital to start functioning in 1984. Over 1.5 million children have been treated so far and vibrancy continues as can be seen by numbers over last five years :

Total No. of Children Treated during last 5 years
2008 2009 2010 2011 2012
72483 99218 97744 93519 97086


Today, M.C.C.Trust provides a wide range of medical help and its activities also support social welfare activities undertaken by government. Examples of activities are preterm, neonatal and paediatric intensive care units, Blood Bank speciality clinics in cardiology, epilepsy, nephrology, audiology and hematology, Aanganwadis under Integrated Child Development Scheme of the Govt. and Cleft lip and palate restoration in partnership with Smile Train (NGO) of  USA.